Things to Consider When Shopping for Maternity Bras

According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a pregnant woman should start wearing a maternity bra from around the 16th week of her pregnancy. However, every woman is different and wearing a maternity bra before then can provide relief from known pregnancy symptoms such as swollen breasts.

Before buying anything, it is important to remember you will probably need several maternity bras. This accommodates the natural changes your body will undergo through pregnancy. Ideally, your first maternity bra should fasten comfortably on the last hook. This will allow you to loosen it as your breasts grow bigger, giving you more wear from your bra. You can buy extenders to make your maternity bras bigger but they are not always suitable and it is usually better to buy a couple of bras in different sizes.

A woman experiences tender and swollen breasts when she is pregnant because the breast tissue is growing. Because of this, underwired bras are best avoided as they can make you more uncomfortable. If you want underwire, look for maternity bras that have specially designed wire within them as this tends to be more flexible than your average underwire bra. It is essential if you do buy an underwire bra that it does not dig in to your breasts. If it does, you are at an increased risk of mastitis, a painful breast infection often associated with nursing mothers.

Cotton maternity bras will keep you cool because of their high-cotton content. It is also recommended you purchase a bra with extra-wide supports, to prevent the weight of your breasts pulling the bra down and making the straps dig in to your shoulders. When you reach your 35th week of pregnancy, you can begin looking around for nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed your baby.

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