Matching Shoes and Bag: Should You Do It?

To match or not to match, that seems to be the question in fashion today. Once upon a time, matching shoes and bag was the way it was done. But as trends and fashion evolve, what used to be a no-brainer suddenly has everyone doubting themselves. Whilst it is fashionable to go out with mismatching purse and shoes, matching shoes and bag can be just as fashionable if you do it right.

How to Pull off Matching Shoes and Bag

The French believe that matching shoes and bag after the age of 30 adds ten years to your age, but looking at today’s styles that may not be so. When shoes and purses matched in the past it was obvious they were made to go together. They both had the same material, texture, and style.

Switching things up a bit can still allow you to wear matching shoes and bag, but with a twist.

Match Tones and Mix Textures

You can keep the shoes and the bag the same colour if you mix the textures. Think about wearing a high gloss heel with a velvet or suede bag. The mixture in textures make it less obvious you are trying to match, but still adds the right amount of shimmer to the look.

Play with Metallic and Matte

Choose to keep one accessory matte whilst the other has a more metallic or glossy look to it. Matching shoes and bag that play with each other create a fun style that looks good.

For example, if you are going to wear black heels, grab a sleek silver bag to go with them. Another option is brown leather shoes with a gold purse to complement each other.

Stick to One Style

When matching shoes and bag, you need to stick to the same style. Heels and a backpack style bag do not go together. Just like a pair of tennis shoes and a rhinestone clutch would look odd together.

If your shoes are glamorous, sporty, casual, or fun, then so should your bag be.

Mix Match Prints and Solids

Go ahead and choose a printed purse to go with a solid coloured pair of shoes or vice versa. Prints and solids go great together if you make one the focal point and the other the complementary accessory.

Matching shoes and bag is a personal choice and a matter of taste. Ask yourself what you really want to highlight and if you like your look before trying it.


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