Martinis and expensive handbags - an intoxicating mix

Cocktail bars in swanky department stores are the guiltiest of all our guilty pleasures - the combination of martinis and expensive fripperies in such close proximity is intoxicating, in dangerous ways (our poor bank balance)... So it is with a heavy heart that we bring you the news that the ultimate shopping/drinking location has just been unveiled - London's Harvey Nicks has recently opened a Tanqueray Martini den on its 5th floor.

Vogue tells us that, 'Chef Jonas Karlsson has created a menu inspired by the citrus and botanical notes of the gin, while green and white lights play-up the ambience and green blankets are at the ready for unexpectedly chilly evenings. The Tanqueray No. Ten Terrace at the Fifth Floor is open now until the end of July.'

'The booth can be booked for six people to share the Ultimate Martini Cocktail Experience, consisting of a private cocktail master class, three-course dinner and a martini cocktail kit to take away, priced at £500'

Only £500 per cocktail set! Why didn't you tell us earlier? We'll take ten - well, it would be rude not to...

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