We take a look at the Martin James jewellery range

For more than twenty years Martin James have been involved in the jewellery and accessories trade, although you would be forgiven for thinking "who?" since they are something of a best kept secret among those in the know. With designers who have studied at some of the most famous London fashion venues including Portobello Road and Camden, the label offers some of the most unique, over the top and all-round fun designs you are ever likely to find anywhere.

While their colourful and larger than life rings might be a bit much for some, they are loved by many people who have happened upon them during their lives. While the label prefers to keep things as affordable as possible, it has always been its mantra not to make the sacrifice of quality for price - something which has helped the brand to grow and expand into one which is slowly but surely becoming more and more recognisable as time goes by.

There are currently more than three hundred distinct styles available from the brand, from the classical to the contemporary and the bright to the understated, all created using only the finest cubic zirconia, faux pearl and crystal stones. The rings themselves are fashioned from top quality rhodium and gold to make them stand out from their competitors.

But it's not just rings that Martin James jewellery designs, you'll also find a range of bangles, necklaces and earrings that will take your breath away. The Martin James London Boutique Collection is now available from all major UK airports as well as selected high street stores.

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