Marni for H&M

It's not everyday that top fashion designs are suddenly within easy reach to the average shopper. Marni for H& M finally hit the stores in March and boy, was it a success. This time, the store learned its lesson from the frenzy and near chaos of sale events when it teamed last autumn with Versace. Both in-store and online merchandise sold out in hours.

In military fashion, H&M succeeded in organising the event, handing out coloured bracelets to the first 250 shoppers in each store and allocating 10 minutes of shopping time. The creations were available for sale in 260 stores worldwide and online.

The rules were clear; one item per style, per colour for each shopper to prevent resale of items on bidding sites. Avid Marni fans reportedly hit the lines as early as 4 a.m. in a desperate bid to snag a few pieces of the collection.

With a marketing campaign headed by Imogen Poots and Liu Wen sporting chic and attractive outfits in classic prints and colours, it was inevitable that the collection will sell out. From plump bangles and hefty wedges to the Bauhaus jacket, silky dresses and tees, these garments and accessories were bargains too good to pass up.

Marni is best known for its fabulous, tribal prints and 'boheme' style embodied as different geometric shapes and patterns on clothes and accessories. From casual to formal styles, the brand reeks of high street fashion proudly made in Italy.

Consuelo Castigliani, designer of the family owned label, assured shoppers that the collection adheres to the high quality expected of a Marni creation. To the delight of shoppers, prices were affordable with a silk top selling for £39.99 or a Jacquard weave blouse for £59.99. No one's complaining and many are eagerly awaiting for the next high street fashion collaboration.

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