Marks and Spencer bikinis - an online shopping experience!

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Marks and Spencer bikinis are a shopping experience like no other. From the moment you log on to the site all your senses are assailed at once! The choice is staggering and the colours are eye popping but the site itself is very user friendly and designed to ensure that you find exactly what you're looking for.

The very first choices that you have to make are you going to shop by category or by shape. The categories include bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis, maternity, post surgery or swimwear specifically for tummy control or larger sizes.  If you're used to dressing for your shape then you can choose from apple, athletic pear, curvy or for your bust size! These simple steps rule out the possibility of trawling aimlessly through products that you don't want and would never buy and bring you straight to what you're looking for.

The bikinis themselves are sold as separates and some come with other accessory options such as sarongs. The prices vary depending on the style of the bikini but you can buy a basic ring bikini top for only £7.50 and the matching hipster bottoms come in at £5 which makes this bikini good value and budget friendly. All the products have reviews underneath that are written from the people who've bought them so it's always wise to read this before making a final decision.

The leaf print bandeau top is in the higher end of the price scale and comes in at £19.50 with the bottoms being another £15. This bikini is very unusual and will ensure you get noticed wherever you wear it!

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