Marchesa accessories

Marchesa, one of the labels most loved by the stars (and flashed about at star studded events), has announced an accessories line that will hit shops in Spring 2010. The grand debut will happen alongside the launch of Marchesa's Spring 2010 clothing line, and designs will echo the label's draped silk dresses.

The collection will be made up of 28 pieces, including elegant clutches and evening bags, with studded crystal detailing and one of Marchesa’s signature motifs, a soft rosette. Of course the bags will be tiny and only useful for holding things like precious jewellery or a discreet piece of make-up or two (no chunky mobiles stuffed into these gorgeous bags please ladies!) But we doubt you'll have to worry about that. With prices ranging from $995 to $5,000, it might have to sit on the Chrsitmas wish list for a couple of years yet....Still, we can dream.

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