Marc Jacobs - the bar!

Designing your own bar is not an original concept in the sartorial world - fashion houses are always mighty keen to slap their name next to anything that might sell - but this is one collaboration that we're intrigued by. If you've got the Stam handbag, a couple of cheapo quirky Marc Jacobs t-shirts, and are wondering 'what next?' - why not head to Marc Jacobs, the drinking den? Only problem is, it's in Milan. Great.

According to Grazia: 'It’s a big store - 3,132-square-feet of fashion delights set in the trendy district of Brera, all designed by Marc’s favourite architect Stephan Jaklitsch. A special mention is made of the big blue table. Not a picnic table (no no!) but in MJ parlance – a ‘skate table’'

'Skate table' aside - do they expect us to actually skate board on it? - it looks pretty amazing. Anyone fancy shouting us a trip to Italy?

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