Marc Jacobs bags sale - keep yourself safe online.

Marc Jacobs bags sale, if you're hoping to buy directly from the Marc Jacobs website and you don't live in the USA then you're going to be very disappointed. Post office boxes can be rented from the US postal service but these can work out costly as then the goods need to be forwarded on to you.

The designers own website does not ship outside the USA but you can still view all the luxurious handbags on sale. Once you've found the bag of your dreams, take note of the name of the model, and you can start to find your nearest stockist.

Marc Jacobs bags feature strongly on various eBay pages. Some eBay stockists specialise in vintage and used handbags and they can be bought at a fraction of the initial retail price.

However, as with all designer items, the buyer needs to be aware of cheap replicas that may look the same but have no substance and quality. A lot of these replicas come from Hong Kong and if you read the feedback from previous buyers you may get an idea of the calibre of the product.

Some eBay stockists pride themselves on only selling genuine designer goods and offer a full money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied when your purchase arrives.

If you do decide to move forward with an online purchase, make sure the seller accepts payment via Paypal and this gives you additional security as Paypal refunds the cost of purchase should the goods not arrive, arrive but are faulty or are proven replicas.

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