Marc Goes D.I.S.C.O.

Marc Jacobs injected some true retro glamour into New York Fashion Week with a stunning spring/summer collection that drew on a Seventies vibe. In contrast to his last collection, which was heavy on the beige, he this time opted for a flurry of pinks in various shades and even a splash of metallic gold.

There was an air of Tales of the City and Studio 54 to the collection, which featured floaty gowns, jumpsuits and loose knits. Frizzy hair was decorated with orchids or tucked beneath large-brimmed hats with even larger sunglasses. The Daily Mail writes that whilst the collection has a youthful, sunny feel to it, Editor in Chief of US Marie Claire, Joanna Coles, observed a darker edge too: ‘There was a sort of innocence to the Seventies when you were actually in them, but this is darker. The whole styling of the show was dark and slightly frightening and a little doll-like’.

The Seventies influence seems to be creeping into many of next years collections, with flares already making a comeback on the high street for autumn/winter. At FashionJunkie we’re quite excited about plundering a whole new decade, we were starting to wonder if the eighties-revival was ever going to end and we really can’t take any more silly shoulder pad shapes.

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