Marc by Marc Jacobs bags designed with leather

Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are beautifully crafted and highly sought after in the fashion world. These handbags are made using the best raw materials in the market. Although they tend to cost a lot more than other brands, they are a big hit with women because of their gorgeous designs, quality craftsmanship and celebrity influence.

Luisa Python and Suede Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag is a hit among many women. It comes in a bright red colour and is made using a durable suede material. It also features the signature Marc Jacobs plaque, and0 comes with two different kinds of straps: a leather shoulder strap that can be hidden inside the bag, and an interwoven chain that can be removed and detached. Aside from its chic and classy look, a unique feature is the etched gold detail on the front. This bag also features pouch pockets for carrying accessories.

Marc Jacobs Leather Satchel

This handbag is one of the most popular from the Marc by Marc Jacobs range. The bag is considered to be very practical and functional. It is the Marc Jacobs' version of a doctor's bag, and is made from high quality leather. It features the classic Marc Jacobs gold hardware and also has the signature Marc Jacobs logo on the front.

YoYo Dot Rain Tote

This handbag has been one of the top selling Marc by Marc Jacobs bags due to the unique umbrella feature. It has a 100 percent cotton lining, and the exterior portion is leather. This rain tote is completely water resistant and has a pouch that holds the matching umbrella. It comes in Gettysburg blue, bright red and white polka dots.

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