Mantaray snow boots: Styles that keep your feet warm and dry

Are you looking for Mantaray snow boots? Debenhams is one of the best places to find these affordable boots. There is a full line of wellies, ankle boots and fashion boots available for the winter season. Some offer fur lining to insulate your feet against snow and ice, while others help protect your feet from water.

Buy Mantaray Products and Help Protect the Coast

Mantaray creates clothing and apparel for men, women and children. Perhaps the biggest benefit to purchasing shoes through this company is that a portion of their profits go to the Marine Conservation Society (mcsuk.org) in Scotland. When you buy boots from Mantaray, you're helping protect the future of the UK coastline.

Black Faux Fur-lined Ankle Boots

Mantaray's faux fur-lined ankle boots keep your feet warm in light snowfall thanks to a faux sheepskin lining. The boots are lightweight and include laces and Velcro straps to allow you to customize the fit. Women with wide feet will appreciate the flexibility in being able to loosen the laces to fit their needs. Black faux fur-lined ankle boots cost £35.

Chocolate Faux Fur Buckle Boots

Mantaray's faux fur buckle boots come in a rich shade of chocolate. The back of the boot features gold buckles for decoration and faux fur trim and a padded lining help buffer your feet from winter's icy breezes. The thick tread features deep grooves to provide traction in slush and snow. Priced at £65, these knee-high boots are a solid choice for snowy winters.

“Mervyn” Furry Snow Boots

Prices for “Mervyn” snow boots start as low as £10.50. This style is getting harder to find, but Ebay.co.uk is a great place to start your search. The boots come in a choice of grey or white and feature a thick lining of synthetic fur to keep your feet warm. The nylon shell repels water ensuring your feet are dry, even in snow and rain. The thick sole offers plush padding for your comfort while the tread's spikes grip snow and ice preventing you from slipping. The lace up boots make it easy to adjust the fit to your preferences.

Mantaray Wellies

If snow is mixing with rain, wellies are your best defence against wet, cold feet. Mantaray wellington's have thick soles with spiked treads for grip in slush and mud. They come in a range of patterns including blue or pink floral, blue spots or grey floral for as little as £22. A thick pair of socks and a pair of Mantaray wellies provides you with the protection you need to keep your feet warm in early and late winter.

If these styles appeal to you, head to Debenhams for sizes and available. Shop online at Dedenhams.com and arrange free delivery to your nearest store or enjoy free shipping to your home or office. All prices for Mantaray snow boots are current as of 2011 and subject to availability.

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