Where to buy Manolo shoes

Manolo Blahniks were made extremely famous by Sarah Jessica Parker's popular Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw. The character was obsessed with the shoes and often spent an entire month's pay on a single pair. It's not hard to see why she fell in love with them. Manolo shoes perfectly dress a slim foot and are always beautifully designed. They dress up even the drabbest of outfits.

You can buy Manolo shoes from the following sites;

  • manoloblahnik.com
  • footcandyshoes.com
  • polyvore.com
  • urbanpath.com
  • neimanmarcus.com
  • manoloblahnikweddingshoes.ws
  • manolobrides.com
  • manoloshoes.com

The shoes can retail anywhere between £100 and £1500. You won't find any sales on the official designer site, but may from some of the discount stores listed. If you are buying online make sure you pick the correct size of shoe. If you order from a European or American site the sizing will be slightly different to that of the UK.

There is a Manolo Blahnik International store in Chelsea London, but you can also find Manolo shoes at a number of UK department stores, including;

  • John Lewis
  • House of Fraser
  • Selfridges
  • Harrods

If you were hoping for more of a bargain on your designer shoes you could try looking through your local vintage shops, you may have the odd stroke of luck in this department. Otherwise you can go online to eBay. People are frequently clearing designer items out of their wardrobes and usually at bargain prices. If you do decide to buy second hand make sure that you're bidding on the real deal, you cut price Manolos won't be a bargain if they are actually over priced Marks & Spencer slingbacks.

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