Manolo Blahnik releases 2014 Spring and Summer collection

Ladies, you will have to start making room in your already full shoe closet for a pair or two, of Manolo Blahnik’s new and stunning collection for 2014 Spring and Summer.

This upcoming collection which is wonderfully sinful, is a shoe addicts fantasy dream and for the first time ever, Blahnik presented a shoe collection during the London Fashion Week, because previously “it never felt right.”

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The designer decided to unveil his spring/summer 2014 collection at the Covent Garden Hotel through a five-minute moviedirected by Michael Roberts and starring Rupert Everett, Lucy Birley and Rick Kissak and the mood was turn of the 20th century, with jealously as the main theme and sensual tango music as the soundtrack , a sort of Original Sin, only with at least a dozen shoes also as stars.

After the short video, Blahnik said "Look at these shoes - are they just not decadent and beautiful! You can see Spanish influences; also the turn of the last century in these embroideries. You can just imagine those courtesans having their effect in these".

Silhouettes that were jewelled and tasseled, embroidered and embellished with unique and perfect details, this is Blahnik’s new and utterly desirable collection.

The models ranged from stiletto sandals, to derby shoes with the colors of the French flag, to mules that are making a strong comeback for next Spring and Summer, and the designer proposed with luxurious fringes.

The color palette ranged from pink, red, to yellow and marine blue, but also black and white and a number of creations were in gold or featured gold thread, and all the models were basically all pointy toed.

However, there were also two other motifs in the collection: flowers and a certain ethnic influence, while the attention getter of all attention getters, had to be the Agapex model, an ankle-wrap style with a metal stiletto heel.

“The danger shoe, I love,” said Blahnik to WWD, “I think nobody would buy this stuff. You think you can go through the airport with this?”

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Manolo Blahnik releases 2014 Spring and Summer collection - Photo Gallery

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