Manolo Blahnik 2013 Spring and Summer collection

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“I love exaggerated, and I love eccentric, but you must be comfortable. Otherwise it is nonsense. There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes.”

You can easily guess which famous shoe fashion designer spoke these words, the one and only Manolo Blahnik .

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Manolo Blahnik 2013 Spring and Summer collection - Photo Gallery

As usual, the Spanish designer has come up with some very smashing silhouettes for his 2013 Spring and Summer collection.

In the 2013 collection you’ll find a plethora of models that range from flats to lace-up booties, peep-toe booties , but also peep-heel booties, to stunning sling backs and classic pumps, all so stylish and so vividly colorful that any fashion victim will instantly recognize them as a pair of ‘Manolos’.

Flats are a part of the collection, especially after Blahnik designed the androgynous Diamantina brogue model for Victoria Beckham's 2013 Spring and Summer show.

However, high heels rule Manolo’s world. There are sling backs and boots created with delicate leather cut white and yellow daisies that are so utterly summer perfect, but you also find the two models in stunning red and yellow. They are dubbed Margolina and Margolotta which is more than a passing reference to the Spanish word for daisies, margherita,

If you want to be very audacious , you could choose one of Manolo Bahlnick’s very futuristic silhouettes like the stunning Antinou model that is so very space age with it large ‘leaves’ in the front and back, but we actually prefer the shoe in the above picture, which is the Suntaxa, that the designer describes as being neither a sandal nor a boot, but an ‘architectural statement for the foot.’

Obviously you’ll also find more traditional sandals and pumps like the Molene model or the patent leather bicolor model dubbed Bondo, that are part of the Mobius line, but also the Timeless line that also offers more classical, but still stunning silhouettes.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Manolo Blahnik 2013 Spring and Summer collection - Photo Gallery

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