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Mango has already launched for this 2013 Fall and Winter their new lingerie collection, which is part of larger range that also includes sports clothing.

The two new collections from the Spanish retailer are called Mango Sport and Intimates, and both are high quality and affordable.

The Intimates collection features a basic underwear line, but also a more feminine and very flattering one trimmed with lace and satin that will be able to satisfy the more fashion conscious ladies.

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You’ll find a number of combinations to choose from, such as the lace leopard foam bra with lace panels on the front, decorative trimmings and adjustable spaghetti straps that can be matched to the classic brief panty and both can be bought separately.

Another great combo is the bicolor lace push-up bra that adds up to 2 full cup sizes and has a matching Brazilian style panty.

There are also other bras with multi-way adjustable spaghetti strapsfor any type of dress or top neckline and this too, also has decorative lace trimming.

Mango has also has a pair of bodysuits in their collection: a floral pattern push-up one in a beautiful bottle green, and another bodysuit with black tulle panels on the sides.

For contour shaping, there is a high-waist shapewear panty with back tulle panels with inner silicon straps for a better fastening.

Another shapewear garment is an open-bust dress that enhances the silhouette and has adjustable spaghetti straps and seamless edges.

Prices range from £6.99 for thongs to £ 14,99 for lace panties, and the bras from £ 17,99 to £ 27,99.

The Intimates collection is available in around 140 existing Mango stores in countries such as Spain, Turkey, France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria, among others, and is also available on the brand’s online store.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Mango's Intimates lingerie collection - Photo Gallery

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