Manbi moon boots now on sale

Manbi moon boots are some of the nicest snow boots on the market today. So where do you get them, and what is the best price? This article will help you find out all that you need to know about buying these terrific boots.

Sites and Sales

There are currently loads of sales going on for these adorable women’s snow boots. The following is a list of websites where you can go to find these boots on sale:

  • campingworld.co.uk
  • shopwiki.co.uk
  • shopzilla.co.uk
  • amazon.co.uk

Styles and Prices

At campingworld.co.uk you can find these boots in purple, black, and white. The colour that you choose makes no difference in the price. They are all on sale for 13% off, making them £34.99. Shopwiki.co.uk carries these snow boots in pink, purple, fuchsia, multi dots, black stars, and much more. All are on sale and most are priced at £31.50. Shopzilla.co.uk has these snow boots, as well. Here they are available in white, fuchsia, and black and prices range from £29.00-£31.50. Finally, Amazon.co.uk has these boots in white, black, and pink for £29.99 a pair.

Ordering these Boots

As a reminder, these boots come in styles for men and children, as well. If you are planning an outing with the family, such as skiing, it might be wise to get more than one pair while there are great prices to be had. Most of these websites promise free shipping, and even on Amazon shipping is fairly low. They don’t take long to ship, so if you order now, you will soon be enjoying your new Manbi moon boots.

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