Make do and mend - the royal way

The phrase 'make do and mend' is in the running for most overused fashion cliche of the decade, given a boost partly by the recession and the constant appetite for anything retro or vintage, a harking back to a 'simpler time', when ladies drew stocking lines on the backs of their legs. Anyway, no celeb seems to have effectively embodied this 'make do and mend' ethos...until her Madge came into the frame. She's only gone and recyled a ball gown, accessorising at one event with sequins, and at another swanky event, with um, appliqued maple leaves.

According to The Daily Mail,'The seamstresses removed the appliqué birds from the tulle lace, which is embroidered with sea pearls and sequins, and stitched dozens of crystals on to it instead. As a tribute to Canada - one of the Queen's realms - the crystals formed maple leafs both large and small running up the dress's right sleeve and shoulder. The interlocking leaves caught the light and were designed to be a bold statement at last night's dinner hosted by the Canadian government in honour of its Queen. The dress was complemented by the sovereign wearing Queen Mary's dazzling tiara.'

What a lady! We hope she won't be offended if we don't rush out to the nearest appliqued maple leaf supplier, but we applaud the efforts.

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