Magic gap: is fashion glorifying the obsession?

Lifestyle website Nowness.com has produced a video apparently with the intention to spawn debate about the magic gap – but the video ended up being criticised for, if anything, contributing to the mythology of the tight gap obsession.


Directed by fashion and celebrity photographer Guy Ardoch, the short video is simply titled 'The Magic Gap' and is part of Nowness.com' Define Beauty campaign.

Amongst the criticisms the most recurrent is that Nowness's video actually fetishizes and glorifying the tights gap obsession, an issue that adds up to the pressure on women, especially the most young and vulnerable, to achieve the unattainable ideal of a 'perfect' body, whatever that means.

The so call magic gap, in fact, is a bodily feature associated with being thin but in fact depending on hereditary factors. Unfortunately it has become a trend amongst young women, a part of society already struggling with eating disorders and unhealthy habits due to excessive pressure on their body image from mainstream culture.

Ardoch's video focuses exclusively on the tights and posteriors of top models such as Chanel Iman and Alyssa Miller. While the camera points obsessively only to these body parts, never the faces of the models, against a romanticized New York at sunset background, random people in the street are interviewed about what they think the 'magic gap' is. None of them say anything reasonable or useful about it.

Instead, with such visual premises, and no sort of commentary or intelligent insight into the matter, the video possibly ends up elevating the tight gap into something enchanting.

Questioned on the critical subject, director Ardoch candidly admitted not to know anything about the tight gap before shooting the video, let alone the tight gap obsession and its consequences.

We are left thinking that, perhaps, a little more care and tact should have been used on such a delicate matter, especially when coming from a big budget lifestyle website such as Nowness and high profile people in the fashion industry such as Ardoch and the models involved. Shame, a totally missed occasion that could have been used to say something clever on a critical issue.

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