Madonna's sweet on Dolce and Gabanna

Madonna must be feeling the pull of her Italian roots; mere seconds after posing for the latest D and G adverts (a set of evocative Sicilian snaps) - she has teamed up with Dolce and Gabanna to design a collection of sunglasses. The shades will go on sale from May, costing an eye watering $180 - $200. Well, you'd hardly expect the material girl to design for specsavers, would you?

Signor Gabanna said: 'We're so excited, this further strengthens our relationship with Madonna, and it was a very constructive experience for us. She is very exacting and a professional who seeks perfection in everything she does, and this was no exception.'

Forgive us for being cynical, but doesn't 'perfection in everything she does' translate as 'nightmare to work with who obsesses over every last detail?'. Anyway, we're sure the glasses will sell like fashionable designer hot cakes...

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