Shine at the tea party in mad hatter fancy dress

Storybook themed parties are one of the most colourful and exciting of all the fancy dress celebrations, where you can let your imagination run truly wild.

In essence, if you are invited to a storybook themed celebration, you can dress up like any character from a story of novel.  You make choose to take the traditional route, dressing up as a character from a children’s classic novel, such as Tinkerbell from Peter Pan or perhaps the beautiful Snow White.

Alternatively you may choose to take a modern approach and dress up as a character from Harry Potter, where school uniform, stripy scarf, round glasses and wand is all that is required to complete the look.

Many girls dressing up for a storybook theme fancy dress party choose girly or princess outfits costumes such as Goldilocks, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or Little Red Riding Hood. You can buy really good storybook themed cute dresses from Leg Avenue online at legavenue.co.uk. Leg Avenue’s collection of fancy dress costumes is huge, from Little Miss Muffet (currently on sale at £30.49) to Evil Queen (currently on sale at £45.75), they have something for everyone. For second hand bargains don't forget to check out Ebay (ebay.co.uk).

However if you want to rock an outfit that is a bit different, why not think outside of the box and go as a character that not everyone would think of instantly. While Alice from Wonderland may be the most obvious option,but  a mad hatter fancy dress costume is the one that will turn the most heads!

There are actually a plethora of mad hatter fancy dress outfits available, some of which still have that sexy look with the thigh high socks and cute dress. Again Leg Avenue is great for sourcing these outfits and they actually have a few mad hatter costumes in different styles.

So go on, choose a character that will really make you stand out from the crowd and the rest of the tea party!

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