Luella Bartley, London Fashion Week

Vibrant colours, headscarves tied in bows, deliciously ironic dresses, super-vivid accessories - this is how the 'living dolls' at the Luella Bartley spring/summer 2010 show stormed onto the stage at London Fashion Week.

Inspired massively by the swinging Sixties, the models took on every aspect of 'the look': from the in your face make-up (br-br-briiiight eyeshadow) to the hairbows, clips, cutesy handbags and flats. Playful balloon dresses and bell skirts puffed out at the waist were teamed with rounded collars cut with heart shapes and decorated with flowers or polka dots. The collection screamed 'London fun' louder than Liz Hurley in an Austin Powers montage and we love love love.

Luella Bartley is an ex Vogue journalist who launched her collection in 2000. Since then she's divided her time between New York and London, finally coming back to stay in the UK in 2007. Welcome back Luella!

Check out the full show below.

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