Luca Russo sunglasses for cheap!

Luca Russo sunglasses have become very popular across the United Kingdom thanks to celebrity endorsements. As per usual the minute a Celeb says something's good it generally means it's time to buy for most people.

Luca Russo sunglasses actually make some pretty bold claims being tagged as 'Anti Ageing' sunglasses. This is the type of nonsense that generally sells these types of products. The fact of the matter is, based on why they claim that their glasses are anti ageing, any sunglasses could be tagged this way.

Essentially they have made a stylish pair of large sunglasses. The reason they say they are anti ageing comes down to the fact that they cover the eyes from harmful UV rays, ah, isn't that what all sunglasses do?

Just because they cover a larger area of the eyes does not make them anti ageing. UV rays can cause all types of skin problems around the eyes and any normal sunglasses will do the trick, or sun screen of course. All of this isn't to say that they aren't cool and that you shouldn't buy them, just don't be fooled by the marketing.

If you still want to pick up a pair at least pick them up for cheap. Hit up the eBay website and get searching. We have found them for as little as £4.99 on eBay's UK website so if you want them, eBay is definitely the place to buy them.

Luca Russo miracle sunglasses seem to be more fiction than fact but, they're still pretty styling. If you want a pair eBay is your best bet to pick them up on the cheap so be sure to have a look there before you buy them anywhere else.

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