Louis Vuitton bags collection for spring summer 2014

If you love finely crafted handbags, check out the collection of Louis Vuitton bags for spring and summer 2014. The range of purses features both runway handbags in dark colours as well as pastel hues from the famed ‘Cruise Collection.’ Take a look if there is something that suits your fancy for the coming seasons.


The Louis Vuitton bags for spring summer 2014 are outstanding, as follows:

  • Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are functional pieces that you can use for a lot of occasions from casual parties to elegant evenings. This year's collection includes Louis Vuitton Extraordinaire NN14 Prima Donna PM Bag ($20,600), Belle de Nuit PM Bag ($24,700), Diva PM Bag ($13,700) and Show Girl Bag ($31,500). The Audace Bag with its dark colour costs $5,200. It is made from beautifully crafted leather embellished with delicate tassels.

  • Candy Coloured Bags

Pastel colour lovers will be glad to see LV bags in light shades of purple, pink, mustard and sky blue. You’ll love the simple yet elegant day bags as well as casual bags with thin straps for daytime wear. Whether you are out in the city for some shopping or off to the café for a quick lunch with girlfriends, you’ll like the pieces of tote and shoulder bags.

Check out Neverfull MM with its luxurious leather and laces which can be tightened for a more compact look. This piece is available in different colours. This sells for $2,500. Another model is the Raspail GM costing $1,650. This tote bag is elegant with its monogram canvas.

For evening occasions, try the Mirabeau GM costing $3,150. Made from high quality Epi leather, this bag is roomy and functional while exuding pure elegance for formal events.

Don’t miss out on the Speedy 30 with its multicolored canvas. It features the LV signature in different colours for a ‘bright look.’

Points of sale

Get ready for the warmer months and check out the Louis Vuitton bags for spring and summer 2014. Head over to the website of LV, louisvuitton.co.uk and find out which of the pieces will suit your taste. You can also go to high street shops such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods to get your hands on an elegant bag.

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