Louis Vuitton 2013-2014 Fall and Winter handbag collection

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A Louis Vuitton handbag is probably one of the timeless fashion accessories that a woman can own, and the French brand with their 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection offers another opportunity to delve into the LV passion.

This season, the luxury designer’s handbag collection sees the release of two brand new handbags: the Capucine and the W, which without a doubt, will both became classics and sought after as most of Louis Vuitton signature handbags are.

A super stunning and glamorous Michelle Williams in her first ever fashion endorsement is fronting the 2013 Fall and Winter Louis Vuitton ad campaign and she shows off one of five versions of the monogrammed ‘W’ in the main photo.

The W tote features a compact line, which is reminiscent of the letter “W”, and is a brand new shape for LV.

This contemporary bag is composed of three parts with the different versions featuring two different types of leather available either veau cachemire or cuir orfèvre, and all have a suede lining and two zippered pockets and a double Blackberry pocket.

The prices aren’t for the faint hearted or if your credit card is nearing the max out limit, as they range from $3.700 to $5.150, depending on the materials, but you can bet that this LV handbag, whatever version is going to be part of your accessories wardrobe forever.

PHOTO GALLERY: Louis Vuitton 2013-2014 Fall and Winter handbag collection

The Capucine handbag with its invisible closing flap is much sleeker looking and the two rings that hold the handle to the rest of the bag has been inspired by Louis Vuitton’s jewellery, and the full grain Taurillon calf leather is subtly embossed with the iconic LV monogram.

The Capucine retails for about $4,600 and according to a report in Reuters, Capucines are sold out in Louis Vuitton stores in Milan, Paris and London.

On another note regarding the luxury brand who is revolutionizing their design roster has hired 38-year old Darren Spaziani to be the label’s new accessories director.

Spaziani created the Proenza Shouler PS1 shoulder bag and has been a design director at Balenciaga and consultant to Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch, so we can’t wait to see if he can top the W and Capucine models.


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