Louis Smith to launch his own Fashion brand?

He might be best known for receiving the silver medal on the pommel horse at the 2012 London Olympic Games or for winning the past Strictly Come Dancing edition, but Louis Smith is much more than 'just' a successful sportsman. He is also a fashion icon who's considering launching his own clothing brand after his retirement from the gymnastics scene.

His quirky dress sense and unique style have brought him to fame into the fashion world, as much that he's been chosen to star in a short film produced by the London College of Fashion on the occasion of next week's London Collections: Men showcase.

“I like to try and dip my toes in all the different puddles of fashion" said Smith, pointing out that when he comes to London feel that freedom of expression that lacks in his native city, Peterborough. He added "I have a lot of clothes in my head that I'd like to wear, but that I don't see out there; so I'm really interested about trying to get into fashion and perhaps starting my own range."

So which are Smith's key fashion items? A suit, first of all, because any guy should look smart, then skinnies and a good selection of ties and bow ties, and finally a very smart, tailored jacket. Not to forget one last piece of accessories, an edgy hair cut, like the one named after the champion himself: the Louis Smith under-sweep.

The London Collections: Men show and collection will take place in London from Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th January 2013.

Watch the London Collections Men: Louis Smith video

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