Looking for ski coats for kids and adults?

Skiing is a popular activity for both adults and children, but it is important to be prepared. You will need to be wrapped up warm while skiing, which means finding ski coats for kids and adults. There are a number of stores and online sites to buy from and here are just three options. Please note that all prices quoted are as of September 2011.

Shop at T K Maxx

T K Maxx is full of great deals on ski coats for kids and adults but you do need to shop regularly. The rates for the ski coats are much lower than you will find in most other places, because they are often bought directly from the designer. This means you will be cutting out any third party taking profit. T K Maxx is usually the place for adults to find something, such as the Aloha plum fur hood trim ski coat for £39.99.

Try Out Winterkids.com

Winterkids.com is a popular website when searching specifically for ski coats for kids. There are a variety of options available, whether you want bright colours or coats with a wrap-away hood.

This website is an American one, you so you will be paying in dollars. However, with the exchange rate, you will likely buy for less than you would in the UK. A boy’s Mannual Bricks insulated jacket is currently selling for $119.95, which works out to be about £73.61 based on the current exchange rate.

Go Directly to the Designers

When looking for a British site, Trespass.co.uk is worth considering. This is one of the leading makes in ski coats for kids and adults, so you will guarantee high-quality for your money. There are many different styles available, such as the girl’s Rihanna, which comes in pink and has a fur hood. This jacket is currently priced at £34.96.

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