Looking for a pair of raw terrain boots this winter? Read on.

Typically the raw terrain boot has a rubber body, textured upper and a completely lined interior. There is a draw cord around the cuff and a pull on loop at the back to make getting the boots on and off much easier as well as keeping out those chilly breezes. The lower section is waterproof and the non slip sole provides sure footing in slippery icy, snowy or wet conditions. For anyone venturing out in the snow home or abroad, a pair of these is a must.

Specialist shops are really the way to go with many of them selling over the Internet. Alpineroom.co.uk has a good selection through its website with a store in Danbury as well. Prices start at £39.99 for a pair of Trespass men's raw terrain boots and sizes from a UK 7.5.

Another good online retailer is spinnakerchandlery.co.uk who stock Spirale raw terrain fleece lined boots. Prices start at £29.95 and sizes to fit men, women and children are available.

My husband bought me a pair of these last Christmas and my feet have never been so snug: snap some up ready for winter.

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