Look simply elegant with a gorgeous white party dress

When attending a party, it is always a good idea not to outshine the celebrant/s. Do not attract the camera towards your direction by wearing something too flashy or too colourful. Look supportive, not aggressive. Look your best but keep it simple and elegant. Wear a white party dress. It looks chic, suits any skin colour and very easy to accessorize.

Go to your nearest TK Maxx store to find great bargains for designer wear or visit the official website www.tkmaxx.com. Take a look at the white crossed waist dress from Sandra Darren, which can be yours for just £29.99. This is the perfect look for a wedding party. It’s very chic with a black and white cross detail across the waist and the length is just right for the dance floor. However, if you have a special role in the party or a song number, try to dress up in an extra special outfit like the ivory shimmer shutter dress, which has a jewel neckline detail. It’s a Sandra Darren design as well and costs £39.99.

Lipsy London has a special selection of cute dresses in store. Visit www.lipsy.co.uk and look for this Lipsy chiffon drape dress, which is available for just £48. It has a very classic romantic design and perfect for any occasion. This white party dress is suitable for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. The Pixie jewel collar shift dress is just as stunning and can flatter any figure. This little baby is very affordable for the price of £55.

Simple is the way to go but don’t forget to bring that gorgeous date of yours. He will always be the perfect accessory for any outfit you choose to wear.

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