Look sexy this Halloween in a Musketeer fancy dress

Musketeers are European soldiers of early modern armies. As popularised by the book “The Three Musketeers”, the story has become famous in several films and is a favourite costume for Halloween, fancy dress parties and theme nights until now. Shop online for a musketeer fancy dress and be a crowd favourite.

Go to www.xs-party.co.uk and avail of the free delivery promo to any address in the United Kingdom. Check out the Sexy Ladies Musketeer Fancy Dress costume from Wicked Costumes available in red, royal blue and hot pink. The whole package is worth £29.99 from its retail price of £49.99, inclusive of petticoat, boot covers, hat and jabot. Get the white platform boots for £29.99 to complete the outfit.

The Madame Musketeer Costume from www.acefancydress.co.uk is quite adorable for just £59.99. It comes in bright pink and shiny blue colour. It is available in one size that fits sizes 10 to 14. This is great for costume parties and role plays. The Sexy Musketeer Costume is also lovely for just £36.99. This red mini dress comes with a fancy hat and collar.

Escapade has this Sexy Musketeer costume- Secret Wishes that you will surely love. It comes in an adorable white colour and an adorable hat for just £34.99. Check out the website www.escapade.co.uk and get this two piece costume for a historical party or a kinky night with your guy. He will definitely find you attractive in a French musketeer costume. Don’t forget to accessorise with a duelling sword. You can find this on the website as well or purchase one from your nearest toy store.

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