How to look fashionable in an Indian summer

Everyone loves the look of an Indian summer for it is during this time that one can wear anything ready for the cold yet prepared for warm and bright days. Never mind the weather that could turn into freezing temperatures or a blast of hot air the next. An Indian summer means warm colours and that great chance to don all sorts of styles in a season.

The basics

An Indian summer is characterised by higher than normal temperatures. Technically speaking, there is a frost to prepare for the snowfall followed by clear or hazy days of sunshine. However warm you may be feeling, there are some basic dressing tips you have to follow if you don’t want to be exposed to the cold elements.

Layering is key

A clever look for an Indian summer is achieved by layering clothes. There is something delightful about being able to wear your silk blouses and favourite tops this late in the season. Take advantage of this occasion, but don’t come unprepared for a blast of cold air or chilly evenings. Wear a cardigan or a cute jumper that you can easily take on and off when temperatures soar during the day or inside building premises where heaters are already running.

Informal wear

Casual wear means you can still use things in your closet left from the summer such as shorts, skirts, and shirts. Jazz up shorts with stockings if you’re not too brave to expose sensitive skin this season and top it off with a hot pair of boots and leg warmers. Thicker shorts, made of wool, will also protect your bottoms from the elements. Wear a gold pair of trousers that will look great in and out of the office. Pull out your V-neck jumpers and cardigans for extra warmth when it’s nippy outside. Include neck warmers, too for added protection.

Formal wear

Office attire is not boring either at this time of the year, as you can blend in naturally with the colours of nature. While you may not probably wear orange blouses for a corporate meeting, you can add a colourful scarf to complete the look. Calf length boots or velvet pumps can also jazz up an outfit. Handbags still reflect the amazing hues of the season such as greens, teals, yellows, purples, and reds.

Personal styles

Indeed, the look for an Indian summer is characterised by layering clothes to be prepared for the season and the often unpredictable weather. But, the choice is yours for it is possible to wear anything that tickles your fancy from fashion sweaters to woollen shorts – all in the spirit of a tribute to this much-awaited season.

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