Look hot in your Oakley snow goggles

The Oakley snow goggles brand has been around for decades producing accessories that are stylish and trendy. These pairs serve the major purpose of safeguarding the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun that are stronger at higher heights. At the same time, they offer a clear vision to wearers ensuring maximum performance and safety when skiing.

For a bird's eye view of snow goggles by Oakley, take a look at the offerings on Oakley UK (uk.oakley.com/store) that sells a range of apparel, outdoor sports equipment, and accessories. Check out the newest set of snow goggles to hit the market, the Shaun White Signature Series Polarized Splice Snow retailing at £210.

In collaboration with the famed snowboarder Shaun White, these snow goggles are built for optimum comfort and safety. Fitted with striped red patches, the lenses provide UV protection and clarity of vision.

Look over the Simon Dumont Signature Series Polarized Splice Snow tagged at £180. Boasting of lenses that you can change, these goggles are made to withstand the rigours of skiing. No fogging to obstruct vision and practically zero nose pinching for coordinated breathing. They are compatible with helmets.

Convinced of the suitability of these choices? Hit the 'find a store locator' button and get yourself a coveted pair of snow goggles by Oakley.

As an alternative option, check Sunglasses (sunglasses.co.uk) that offer ski eyewear at reasonable prices. Get an O Frame OS Viper that goes for £36. Mounted on Urethane frame, these pieces will be your trusted companions at the slopes. Released in different colours that are attractive and pleasing to the eye, they are comfy to don and give protection where it matters.

Consider the Twisted Factory Text selling at £50 a pair.  Designed to fit small to medium faces, it features anti-fogging lenses and UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. Durable yet soft on the skin,  these goggles are going to withstand the rigours and challenges of skiing.

Take the plunge and splurge on top notch Oakley snow goggles this season. Rest assured, you are getting the most of your hard earned money with a pair that is smart-looking, sturdy, and comfortable to wear.

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