Longchamps Handbags – The Must-Have in Accessories

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Take it from celebrities such as style icon Kate Moss and fashion designer Tracey Emin, Longchamps handbags are a must-have this season. Longchamp has been the top in luxury items since 1948, and they only get better with each collection they offer. They carry everything from hobo bags to quality luggage, but they are best known for their ladylike handbags and their Le Plage colourful totes. If you are ready for something trés chic and timeless, discover which Longchamp handbag you need at these boutiques.


If you want something luxurious, there is only one place to shop, Harrods. Harrods.com is making sure it meets your Longchamp’s desires and fit your budget by offering bags from £115 to £740.

You don’t need the beach to enjoy a Le Plage shoulder bag this season, especially with the new colour designs available. Choose between the Apache green design and the striped black Le Plage back to keep that summer-fun feeling all year long.

Of course, if you are looking for something a bit more refined in your Longchamps handbags, the red leather Longchamp Cross body bag for £190 would fit the bill. As well as the Rosseau Small Tote for £210, perfect for the office and evening affairs.


At Longchamp.com, you cut out the middleman and buy directly from the source. There you will discover the Kate Moss for Longchamp collection as well as their classic and timeless other designer handbag designs.

For Fall 2011, the newest Kate Moss collection offers a selection of bags that are iconic, intense, and trendy. Ranging in price from £200 to £800, you have your choice of small handbags, petite clutches, and super-sized celebrity style handbags.


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