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Autumn and winter is right at your doorstep, but instead of giving up the sweetness of summer, it’s time to grab a hold of one of the new Lollipop Handbags. Lollipops, a French company, offer everything you need to hit the sweet spot in fashion today with their funky, cute, and unique handbags. If you need to brighten up the gloomy days of winter, look no further than these online boutiques and sweeten up your winter day in seconds.


The best place to get a wide selection of Lollipop handbags is straight from the source, Lollipops.fr. The site is in French, but shipping is only €1O, £8.67, so get your translator ready and start shopping.

You will find the selection is unique in purses of all shapes, styles and colours. Some of the top choices this season are the Lagathe bag in beige or black, the Lulu mini in black or red, and the Loving Hobbo available in Zebra stripes or brown.


Spartoo.co.uk offers something a little closer to home and a bit more retro with the Kitchen Shoulder bag. A retro bag that transports you to the 50’s housewives era that is cutesy and inviting to use. A creative look for just £33.60, marked down from £42.

If you are looking for something a little less retro but still unique, try the Koolin Shopper bag. A cute black shoulder bag with a red lining and chained straps is sure to look great at any clubbing event and now just £75.65 with free shipping and returns.


Forzieri offers nothing but luxury and class. And, although Lollipop handbags are fun and sometimes funky, they can be classic and elegant.

Forzieri.com offers the Lollipops Karaoke black tote. A small studded tote perfect for the office or a day out shopping made from eco-leather with a 2-year warranty.


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