Lola Rose tumble bracelets are going to be on your wish list!

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Lola Rose tumble bracelets are a staple item for any discerning fashionista that has her finger on the pulse! While you can view the entire product catalogue online through the official Lola Rose website, which is lolarose.co.uk, you can also log on to sites like qvc.co.uk to take advantage of special offers and items at discounted rates.

As we all know, sometimes one just isn't enough so it's good to know that no less than a set of three tumble bracelets can be bought from qvc.co.uk at the introductory price of only £39.12! When this offer expires you can expect to pay the full price of £43 for the set. Each set comprises of two single colour bracelets and one with multi coloured beads. There is a wide choice of colours available and each bracelet comes in its own individual organza pouch but they're all presented in a Lola Rose box. This means that it's a great gift idea or an even better self indulgent treat!

Also available are the Chinese knot tumble bracelets for £32.25 each. These feature nine chunky irregular cut stone nuggets that are threaded on colour coordinating cord. There are four colour schemes to choose from in the Alfie range or you can opt for the single colour bracelet. If you're unsure then do check out the video that's at the top of each item as this gives a detailed view of the product along with the colours that are available and the prices.

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