Lola Rose scarves - a piece of everyday luxury!

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Lola Rose scarves are the ultimate in luxury! Featuring the ever popular "ditsy" prints, they are designed to keep you warm in days when the temperatures are lower yet cool in summer.

Created from 100% modal wool or twill which is beautifully soft to the touch and fully breathable, these scarves make an ideal gift or a little self indulgence!

As Lola Rose has a very popular jewellery range, when you select a particular scarf, you will also have the option to purchase a selection of complementary accessories based on your choice. Even if you decide not to purchase those items, it might provide you with ideas on which kind of jewellery will display the scarf to it's best advantage!

The newly developed range has been expanded to include even more of the ditsy animals so now you can choose from Rabbits, elephants, butterflies and even zebras! If you're buying the scarf as a gift and you're unsure of your selection, you can opt to purchase a Lola Rose gift card for that amount.

The ditsy cows and elephants scarves come in five and six colours respectively which means that there really is one to suit everyone's wardrobe. All scarves measure a generous 70 x 200 cm of luxury! If you prefer the more vintage look than check out the beautiful brushstrokes that feature on the peacock and feather print scarves.

All the scarves come with their own cotton storage bags and there is also an option to get them gift wrapped! The price tag of £165 for these scarves is reflective of the quality and desirability of the Lola Rose brand.

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