Grab a bargain at a Lola Rose sample sale!

Fashionistas will be keeping their eyes open for Lola Rose summer bargains as the new autumn-winter collection is launched on line. The chunky, chic, eye-catching designer jewellery is hugely popular with celebrities and the cognoscenti and a Lola Rose sample sale can save you up to 70% on the list price of rings made from semi precious stones.

Past summer sales have been a two-day event held at the Lola Rose boutique on Belsize Road, Kilburn even involving a glass of champagne and a makeover, but this site is their head office, not a store, so go to www.lolarose.co.uk to get the low down on what’s available on sale right now from their stunning range of jewellery and scarves.

These amazing accessories are designed by Londoner Nikki Gewirtz, who writes the official Lola Rose blog, which you can read at http://lolaroseofficial.wordpress.com/ and where you can find details of the exciting new collection. Referring to the new stones, Nickki says  ‘The cherry is still definitely my pick, followed closely behind by the peacock and the stunning fern! The Fern Quartzite looks so expensive, it is like a vintage Green Jade and has an air of mystery about it.’ Some of the stones are classic but it’s trendy right now to wear them with denim.

Lola Rose was shortlisted for Jewellery Brand of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards, being nominated alongside major international brands, and has become hugely popular with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry, so a Lola Rose sample sale is awaited with much expectation. However if you go on line, you’ll see that you can buy a bracelet from the new Peacock collection from £39, with pendants around £70 and rings starting at just over £100. So treat yourself or drop a hint for your birthday!

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