About the Lola Rose patsy ring


The Lola Rose Patsy ring is just one piece of jewellery in the range designed by Nicole Gerwirtz. These pieces are bright and colourful and make great compliments to your outfits. What's more, and it very important to Nicole, is that her pieces are affordable to a wide audience.

The Lola Patsy Ring

The make-up of the ring is a gold band with a grey gem stone. Its official name is the 'Lola Rose Grey Agate Patsy Ladies Ring' and it is an ideal compliment to a sophisticated look. The grey gem stone means that it will look great with a business suit or, indeed, with a earthy pastel coloured light summer dress.

This is a very simple ring which needs little maintenance. The great thing about this ring is that it is also set an affordable price, only £84. This is fantastic value for such an eye catching piece.


Grey agate semi precious stone.

Stainless steel band in gold colouring.


It comes with a 2 year warranty and is available in a large size.


The functional idea behind a range like Lola Rose is that because the jewellery is relatively inexpensive, you can buy a number of items to match the colours of your wardrobe.

The rings are given names such as Minty, Paula, Penny etc. Flamboyant and feminine names which also add continuity to the lightness in attitude of the jewellery.

Buy It?

The overall consensus is that Lola Rose jewellery is value for money. It does not pretend to be something its not. It's fun jewellery which can be an excellent compliment to your outfit.


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