Lola Rose official website - it's a veritable treasure trove!

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The Lola Rose official website is found when you enter lolarose.co.uk into your search engine. When you log on to the site, you will find an online catalogue of all their products, a blog written by Nikki Gewirtz (who is the creator of the Lola Rose jewellery line) which includes the twitter feed and details of various competitions and also a customer care number that you can contact if necessary.

The first thing you notice about the website is that it's effortlessly feminine. From the pretty pink logo with the swirling letters to the discreetly placed hearts and the products themselves, everything is in place to create an online girly paradise.

The site is very user friendly and you can either browse through all the categories or input details of a specific item that you're looking for. As well as selling jewellery, scarves and bath products, you can also buy gift vouchers so that the recipient can also enjoy the beautiful range on offer. If you do decide upon the perfect gift, Lola Rose even sell various gift bags and boxes which will make your life that bit easier!

As many people are now more money conscious than ever before, a great feature of this site is that it categorises the products in to price brackets. You can opt to search for products between £0-£50 and then only the items matching those prices will be displayed. This helps you keep within your budget and means that you can afford the range displayed!

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