Take a look at the Lola Rose Nadia Ring

Lola Rose has a huge range of jewellery pieces numbering literally in the hundreds. Necklaces, bracelets and rings make up the bulk of this range. There is an emphasis on fashion jewellery rather than stand-alone pieces. What this means is that the jewellery is there to add to your outfit. To 'finish it off' with a motif. Therefore, a lot of the range has matching necklaces, bracelets and rings.

The pieces are big and generally colourful, in order to inspire fun and lightness. This is not serious stuff and it Lola Rose does not pretend or attempt to look expensive.

The pricing of items is low, with a single piece normally coming in at between £40 and £100. This is so designed so as to encourage people to buy sets of matching colours.

The Lola Rose Nadia ring comes in several different colours, most of which are shades of plum but there is also a black one available. The ring was made popular when celebrity Taylor Swift was seen wearing one. The design is VERY simple, with just a rectangular shaped semi-precious stone on a basic sterling silver band. Despite its simplicity, its sheer size makes it very eye-catching and flamboyant. Fun, Fun, Fun.

The Lola Rose Nadia ring will set you back in the region of £45 online, and possibly a bit more in the stores. This is well worth it. There is no need for a matching set with this ring. The Nadia makes a statement all on its own and Taylor Swift seems to agree.


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