The Lola Rose friendship bracelet - pretty and decorative

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Lola Rose friendship bracelet is a part of the Lola Rose jewellery collection. The official site is lolarose.co.uk and this displays an online catalogue of all available products and their various pricings. However there are sites such as qvcuk.com that also stock friendship bracelets at competitive prices.

When shopping on sites like QVC it is always helpful to read the reviews from past shoppers that have purchased the article you're thinking of buying. There is also a star rating which not only assures you that the product will arrive and be intact but also also that it will be a good quality piece. The Lola Rose friendship bracelet scores an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star rating and the reviews are extremely positive with many remarking on the versatility of the bracelet meaning that it could be considered suitable for everyday wear.

The QVC price will usually be 26 pounds but the friendship bracelet is on an introductory offer at the moment meaning that you can purchase it right now for only  23.44 pounds. While some colours are out of stock, there is a choice of four that you can select from.

The bracelet itself is simple in design and features eight oval cut beads that are threaded on a matching coloured cord. There is a chinese knot clasp that has a bead attached to either end.

There is a helpful video that you can watch which displays the product clearly and also details the colours that are left so you can make your decision wisely!

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