About Lola Rose Claudia


The range of Lola Rose jewellery can be found online and in many high street fashion stores around the UK. It is an out-going range of bright colours and big stones. The aim is to make a statement which is fun and vibrant. Many of the necklaces, bracelets and rings are matching in colour, providing the lady with the option of buying a set to create a motif for her outfit.


The price range of the pieces is kept low to allow for someone to buy several pieces--to create a motif, as said--or to just to buy different pieces for different outfits in their wardrobe. The idea of 'affordable luxury' is promoted by Nicole Gerwirtz, founder and designer of Lola Rose.

Lola Rose Claudia Necklace

The Lola Rose Claudia necklace is a very eye-catching piece which is the colour of blue sandstone. It's chain is made up of two parallel lines of same-size beads leading down to a large circular pendant. All of the necklace is the same colour--blue sandstone.

The price is a very affordable £85 online, possibly a little more expensive in the stores.

This is a great piece that would look good both with a day time work outfit or as a piece for the evening.


The Lola Rose Claudia necklace is typical of this brand's range and will make an excellent addition to your jewellery collection. It is both affordable, versatile, stylish and also has great workmanship so its longevity should be guaranteed.

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