Lola Rose Brett pendant

Lola Rose creates outstanding, timeless jewellery which is stylish and easy to wear. The successful UK brand specialises in fashionable, bold jewellery so you can wear it with pride and stand out from the crowds. The jewellery is hand-made from semi-precious stones to give it a quality look and best of all the ranges are affordable, meaning you can own your own piece of luxury without breaking the bank!

You could purchase a Lola Rose Brett pendant from the Lola Rose website, where you will find a wide collection of jewellery that will offer you an individual look dependant on what you are looking for! The Brett pendant is a green beaded necklace which has a large disc pendant at the end to really compliment any outfit. This pendant would look great, it is easy to wear and best of all it offers elegance all wrapped up in a no fuss, simple necklace. This pendant could be yours from the Lola rose website from as little as £75.00.

If you fancy getting your Lola rose jewellery at a discounted price you could search eBay online. There are a range of sellers on the eBay site who sell new and used Lola Rose jewellery at a great price. You could purchase a Lola Rose Brett Necklace in a natural blue colour which is a more understated piece but still offers a stylish, classic look. You could purchase a Lola Rose pendant on eBay from as little as £42.00 including postage which is a real bargain! Get online now and purchase yours!

The Lola Rose collection would make a brilliant gift for that special person in your life by offering colour to any wardrobe and most of all a smile to anyone wearing this jewellery  - buy a Lola Rose Brett pendant now and add more glamour to their jewellery collection.

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