Lola Rose bracelet sale - step forward all you fashionistas!

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Lola Rose bracelet sale is a phrase that's sure to delight many intrepid fashionistas. Lola Rose jewellery has come to the forefront of celebrity sale and fashion in recent times and while you can buy directly from the official Lola Rose site, which is Lolarose.co.uk, there are also other options like websites that offer genuine Lola Rose merchandise at reduced prices!

One such site is fabulouscollections.co.uk. This site not only stocks an extensive selection of Lola Rose jewellery but also has various items on sale. Currently you can buy the Cally bracelet, available in three colours, for the bargain price of 32 pounds which is over 50% less than the original retail price of 65 pounds! This particular bracelet features the heart that has become synonymous with Lola Rose items and has a small faceted bead between each one. The cord itself is elasticated and therefore fits more sizes.

Also on special offer is the Denny bracelet which is discounted by 50% meaning that you only pay 35 pounds instead of 70! The Denny features segments made from semi precious berry quartzite and is created using a very unusual curved shape. There is a matching Leslie ring available also.

If you're lucky enough to already own the Goldie necklace then you will be delighted to hear that the matching Angelica bracelet in Picasso marble is now retailing at only 37 pounds instead of the original price of 75 pounds. While the discounts speak for themselves, another incentive is the fact that this site offers free postage within the UK so you're only paying for the jewellery that you purchase!


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