Lola Rose blue sandstone earrings - affordable luxury!

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Lola Rose blue sandstone earrings turns up a lot of items in the google search engine but when you go through them you find that actually many are redundant as they're already sold out! Lola Rose is coming to the forefront of fashion and while the official site, lolarose.co.uk, has an extensive online catalogue for you to look through, other sites such as amazon.co.uk and qvc.co.uk also have their own lines of Lola Rose stock, some of which are at discounted prices!

Zentosa.com is one of the sites that offer the Lola Rose Cybill smooth blue sandstone round earrings and actually have them in stock! These earrings are only suitable for pierced ears and will cost you 35 pounds. They are sterling silver and feature a round bead of semi precious sandstone. They come presented in a branded Lola Rose velvet pouch making them a great gift idea!

Mybridesmaid.com have the Lola Rose Tia earrings for sale. These earrings are solid faceted drop earrings made of sterling silver with the drop being created out of sparkly blue sandstone.  These earrings are 48 pounds and this site does not accept returns on earrings due to hygiene regulations.

For a slightly cheaper option, visit myviolethill.com where you can buy the Lola Rose Daniella earrings for only 26 pounds. These are smooth heart shaped drop earrings in blue sandstone and the hook is made from sterling silver. Postage charges start at 2.50 pounds for first class, signed for delivery.

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