The Lola Rose black heart necklace should be a staple in every ladies wardrobe


Lola Rose does not attempt or pretend to look like expensive jewellery. Rather the Lola Rose range is FUN, big, and catches your eye. In general, the colours are bright or contrasting. Matching sets of necklaces, bracelets and rings mean that you can create a whole motif with your outfit.


Nicole Gerwirtz, founder of Lola Rose, prides herself on creating 'affordable luxury'. Therefore, all pieces in the range generally fall between £30-£150. This allows a person to buy a number of pieces of Lola Rose, either as a set or different pieces to go with different outfits in their wardrobe. The pricing also means that Lola Rose can be found in fashion stores rather than jewellers.

Lola Rose Black Heart Necklace

The Lola Rose Black Heart Necklace is a very eye-catching piece. All in jet black, it is simply a chain of same-size beads leading down to a pendant which is...you've guessed it, a black heart. Image this black piece with a white outfit for amazing contrast. A true eye-catcher that makes a statement. This item will set you back far less if you purchase online rather than in the store.

The quality of the craftmanship in this item is exceptional. It comes in at a nice weight too, which adds to the feeling of value for money.

Lola Rose jewellery is honest and does not pretend to be something it is not. If you are looking for a good piece of fashion jewellery to complete an outfit, this is it.

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