Do you just love the Lola Rose black agate ring?

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We just love Lola Rose jewellery. The black agate ring is one of the latest designs from this extraordinary jeweller and as usual, we think it's spot on this summer's trends for statement jewellery.

The ring itself is on a sterling silver band with a beautifully hand crafted multi-faceted detailed gemstone. As with all Lola Rose jewellery, this is a timeless showpiece that has been copied by a multitude of designers and High Street shops. The Lola Rose black agate ring is of course made from the highest quality semi precious gemstone. Black agate should be worn for love, abundance, wealth and good luck making it a really desirable gemstone to have in jewellery.

The Lola Rose black agate ring is available from many retailers both on the High Street and online. On the High Street try department stores such as John Lewis and House of Fraser, or smaller boutique shops which often stock beautiful jewellery. Online retailers include asos.com and jewellery4.co.uk.

The price of the Lola Rose black agate ring is around £65 although you may find it at a discounted price from some retailers. The ring is available in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large, and weighs just 14 grams. This is an investment piece that will not age or become dated, and which will go with any outfit. It is simple enough to wear for work but would also complement an outfit for a more dressy occasion such as a wedding at any time of year.

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