Locating Tudor fancy dress

Tudor fancy dress is very popular in places like the UK. Fancy dress shops are all over the UK, as well as online. At joke.co.uk, a customer can compare prices and find a wide selection of outfits to choose from. Browse the merchandise and you many come up with some fancy dress ideas of your own. The designs for Tudor dress are inspired by personalities such as Sir Henry, Francis Drake and Lady Catherine. These outfits can be customised to look like knights, ladies in waiting or even the witches of the time. They are available for children and adults and they come in all sizes.

Tudor Fancy Dress Henry VIII

This Tudor dress is usually a king’s costume and comes with robes of different colours, a hat with a royal feel and a necklace. The necklace has to appear to be made of gold. This outfit will cost you only £40 which fairly reasonable. There are also children’s Tudor costumes for King Henry that come in blue and red colours, a waist coat which is gold in colour and definitely a hat to complete the outfit which has feathers mostly in blue. Another addition to the Henry outfit is a fake sword. The Sir Henry children’s outfit costs approximately £29. It is an ideal outfit if you are looking to take your child to a book day.

Ladies’ Tudor Dress

A Tudor fancy dress can be designed to look like Lady Catherine, the wife of Henry VIII. They are majestic, fashionable and can be made in any colour you like. If you are a plus size lady, do not worry because plus size fancy dress costumes are also available.

If you have a preference for Ann Boleyn, then prices for such outfits range at £30, and Lady Suzanna fancy dress goes for £26. Girls’ Tudor dresses are sold at approximately £18. The girls can dress as queens or even the ladies of the castle in Tudor fancy dress.

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