Liu Jo 2013/ 2014 Fall and Winter collection

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Liu Jo’s 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection proposes a series of garments and accessories, that are chic, and elegantly trendy.

Strong and bright hues in the collection’s color palette are few and far between, and are basically blues, blacks, greys, forest greens, and dark browns, while there is just a touch of color here and there, but it is the very feminine and soft silhouettes that makes you want to stop and take another look.

The collection contains a number of wool or tweed coats that are slightly above knee length and can be either tailored and belted, or have a loose fit.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Liu Jo 2013 /2014 Fall and Winter collection - Photo Gallery

Oddly enough their are just two jackets: one is a casual, military styled, while the other is a small faux fur with embroidery on the sleeves.

The choice of blazers is much more abundant, and they come in different styles and fabrics like wool, leather or are quilted.

All the dresses in Liu Jo’s collection are short and all flattering body fitting, you’ll find pretty little black sheath dresses, also in faux leather, but also sexy animal prints, and several of the them feature details like chains around the neckline and pockets, or brooches, while there are also bustier style dresses and tunics.

Beautiful and warm looking are the oversize wool sweaters with braids or short cardigans 50’s style that can complement the numerous skinny jeans or jean skirts that the Italian label has to offer.

Let’s not forget that Liu Jo also has a vast range of accessories in their collection ranging from handbags like their bestselling and beautiful Kate and Sophia totes, but also wallets, scarves, belts and shoes from sneakers to boots and also jewellery, such as the Claudia heart lock necklace with matching bracelet.

Liu Jo’s 2013 Fall and Winter collection in available in their flagship stores in Europe, but also online.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Liu Jo 2013 /2014 Fall and Winter collection - Photo Gallery

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