Liu Jo 2013-2014 Fall and Winter Lingerie collection

Italian fashion brand Liu Jo has launched their 2013-2014 Fall and Winter lingerie collection.

Liu Jo’s new lingerie is more like a capsule collection, but fits in perfectly with their 2013-2014 Fall and Winter clothes and their jeans collection, that is fronted by British top model, Kate Moss.

The lingerie is tenderly romantic, as powder pink and nude nuances are featured throughout the entire collection, that would seem more adapt for a budding teenager, than for women looking for something more sexy along the lines of Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret, but somehow Liu Jo pulls it off with some more adult looking creations, that are sensual and glamorous.

The more sensual side of the collection is represented by a leopard print, which loses some of its expected aggressiveness as the straps are in a pale nude color and is contoured with the same colored lace over the two different style bras cups, and along the panties, and there is also a pretty teddy with the same animal print, but laced only at the bottom.

Two black bras make their way in the collection, and one like the animal print, is offset by the different colored strapsand features a dangling gold heart with the Liu Jo name written in it, while the other is total black and more transparent, and accessorized with a single White drop pearl, both on the bra and panties, and this match leaves less to the imagination.

The collection also features a powder pink silk laced slip, and there’s also one in black, with flowery laced panels down the sides, and the same flower print is also featured on another black bra and panty set.

The 2013-2014 lingerie collection also contains over the knee ribbed socks for those cold winter days for lounging around the house and they also have a gold heart with Liu Jo logo.

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